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Your name: Icy_Ashford
Your DW: icy_ashford
Invited by: Psycho_Silver

Character's name: Rarity
Character's DW: whining_unicorn
Character's canon: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic cartoon series

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character:
Rarity is primarily a fashion designer but she can be an interior decorator if the need calls for it.

Even though she is a little spoiled and vain, this does not mean that she is shallow and superficial. She willingly cut off her own tail to give it to a dragon which lost his moustache which earned her the element of Generosity. Her mane, tail and coat have been messed up countless times but she does not freak out over it because she knows she can clean up after a situation is over.

It is noted that she has a fondness for precious gem stones which is related to her cutie mark that consists of 3 diamonds.

Rarity cares very much for her friends as she once made their dresses first before her own and re-made them to suit her friends’ tastes even though she found them perfect. Sometimes her caring ways may lead to her giving them spontaneous makeovers because she wants to help show off their inner beauty.

A perfectionist at heart, Rarity can be quite OCD when she wants something to be flawless. During Winter Wrap Up, she stressed over a single poorly woven nest, refusing to put it aside to make new ones till the flaw was corrected. Her quest for perfection occasionally stresses her out but a little rest and help from her friends would usually solve the problem.

Rarity is well read as she uses profound words, proper grammar and sophisticated phrasing when she expresses her emotions in a very graceful and lady-like fashion.

Overall, she may be nit-picky but her heart is in the right place.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline:
As a young filly, Rarity knew that she wanted to grow up to be a fashionista. She even helped to make costumes for her school play. Even though the costumes were nice, she wanted them spectacular and decided to make them from scratch again.

However while she was working on the costumes, her horn suddenly glowed white and pulled her towards an unknown location. Resisting at first, Rarity eventually let her horn guide her over a desert and a few mountains before stopping in front of a huge rock, much to her dismay.

Then a sonic rainboom filled the sky and the resulting shockwave cracked the rock open to reveal dozens of precious gem stones within it. Rarity used the stones to spruce up the costumes which eventually earned her 3 gems cutie mark.

A few years later, Rarity grew up and started the Carousel Boutique in Ponyville, providing fashionable garments for every pony who wanted to look good.

During the eve of the Summer Sun celebration which was held on the longest day of the year, the exiled pony, Nightmare Moon returned to shroud Equestria in eternal night for good. Rarity and five other ponies gained the Elements of Harmony to defeat the dark pony, leading to a balance in day and night once more.

During a slumber party with her friends Twilight and Applejack, Rarity kept fighting with the latter pony until an accident causes them to reconcile their differences. Rarity and Applejack both learned that they can embrace each others' differences and discover a way to be friends.

When her friend Rainbow Dash was preparing for a contest, Rarity let Twilight test a new spell on her to give her wings and allow them to go support the Rainbow Dash in the cloud city of Cloudsdale. She became extremely proud of her wings and decided to participate in the contest as well. However, her wings failed on her during the competition and she was saved by Rainbow Dash. From the incident, Rarity learned to be there for her friends, while keeping her hooves on the ground (literally and figuratively).

At the request of a famous pony, Rarity decided to find a new load of gems but a group of creatures called the Diamond Dogs abducted Rarity and forced her to find gems for them. However, Rarity used her wits and was able to whine and annoy the Diamond Dogs into submission, making them serve her instead so that would not have to listen to her crying and complaining. The Diamond Dogs ended up letting Rarity go along with several carts full of gems. Rarity may be a lady but she did not end up being a damsel in distress since there were many ways to fight back.

At the Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity finally met Prince Blue Blood, the stallion unicorn of her dreams but she quickly found out that he was rude, insensitive, and the furthest thing from a gentleman. At the end of the night, he used her to shield himself from an incoming punch bowl, causing Rarity to lose her temper and angrily told him about every single flaw he had. A horde of scared animals burst into the castle, caused by a crazed Fluttershy, forcing Rarity and her friends to escape during the chaos. While she’s with her friends in a donut shop, Rarity is finally able to enjoy the night. She learned that no matter how bad a situation is, it can be great when hanging out as friends.

Rarity cuts off from the timeline after season 1 ends.

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue
Rarity summoned another emerald from her chest of gems, carefully placing the precious stone near the hem of the garment. Just a couple more emeralds and the outfit would be complete and magnificent.

The bell of Carousel Boutique rang as the door opened, revealing one of her regular and famous customers, Sapphire Shores. “Rarity! Good to see that the dress is completed for my upcoming Gemtasia tour. You’re truly one of the best dressmakers in all of Equestria. I knew I could count on a talented pony like you.”

Rarity blushed and shuffled her hooves against the floor nervously. “T… thank you Sapphire.” Even after repeated visits from the popstar, she was still in awe and star struck by her presence. “I’m glad that you adore it! I painstakingly chose the brightest emeralds of the lot so that the stage lights would enhance the beauty of the dress and you as well.”

Sapphire smiled appreciatively at the unicorn’s handiwork. “I’m going to order three more outfits done up in a different jewel, as usual.”

“Anything for you, Sapphire.” Rarity replied excitedly as the other pony left the boutique.

The Sensoriums powered down, leaving Rarity to be the only pony on the ship once more. The others on the ship were nice to her but she really missed her friends. She sighed as she walked out of the door. “Better set up a real shop…” Rarity stared at the creepy walls of the ship before she could complete her sentence.

“This place looks absolutely dreadful!” She exclaims and gallops back to her room to gather some supplies in hope that she could spruce the place up a bit.

If the character has magic, mutant, or otherwise metahuman abilities, please explain what they are and outline EXACTLY how they function, as their powers may not work due to the nature of the ship or may need to be limited somehow
Being a unicorn, she is able to use magic with her horn which glows when utilised.

Her magic allows her to telekinetically move any object but she prefers to manipulate items that are related to her profession (Eg. Scissors, thread, garments, ribbons, etc.) Besides telekinesis, she is able to put on impressive light displays with her magic.

She is also able to use her magic to locate gem stones underground.

Non-superhuman special abilities of note
Rarity is a superb seamstress. She also has an excellent fashion sense, knowing which colours match and what materials stand out in the day and night.

Since she’s a pony, she’ll be standing at hip level at average human height so most characters would have to look down to communicate with her.


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